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all the time,Due to the limited treatment skills of local hospitals,It is usually treated with relatively simple internal capsule removal.

From "blood transfusion" to "hematopoiesis",Leaving an unevacuable medical team can only provide the poor for a short while.But it is easy to relapse.In 2018,The site selection department won the "National Poverty Alleviation Award Organization Innovation Award" issued by the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office. Zhu Zhenyu male,Han Xinyang was born in January 1979, Henan joined the army in June 1996,Joined the party in June 1999,Skill level 8 He is currently the deputy chief physician of the Hepatology Department of the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital.Patients with this disease can only go to Beijing for treatment.that moment,All members of the medical team suffering from altitude sickness were mobilized.Seriously endanger the lives and health of the Tibetan people,Due to high medical expenses,Due to hy worm disease,Many people have fallen back into poverty.In order to treat patients, we can warm the family,Nurturing power can benefit the public.And undertook the task of establishing a demonstration project for the treatment of hydrangea in Tibetan areas of the army.

In a relatively short period of time, a mobile medical team and a thriving medical team stayed there.

If it is on a plateau, in terms of geography and climate,What needs to be surpassed is the "forbidden zone." It also took the lead in launching the mother-to-child hepatitis B blocking project in Qamdo.

Innovation is endless,The struggle is endless.

Recalling the scene at that time,Zhu Zhenyu said softly: As a doctor,I know what it means to be responsible for this operation.

The tame mother gave Zhu Zhenyu a white hada,He said excitedly with tears in his eyes,Daming was taken over by the medical team all his life,After the child is cured,Reduce the burden on the family,孩子们继续上学,这些日子将被跳过, 更好的。做,一线希望。由于山峦起伏,我携带的超声波系统坏了,乡镇医院发现了一种全新的设备,起初,这是两年前由内地捐赠的,由于没有人会使用它,尚未打开。最小的朱振宇只有4岁接受治疗。病变的直径最大为12厘米,挤压肝脏中的血管和胆管,手术需要切除近60%的肝脏,非常困难,危险极高。率先进行棘球菌病筛查培训, 西藏自治区的诊断和治疗技巧西藏自治区的标准外科治疗和培训。即使你用刀尖跳舞,他也想跳舞。“我知道你是一个善良的人,但是有一个孩子在我们身边,如果出事了谁是负责的人?“ Tamei的祖父要求医生签署保证书。大多数感染这种疾病的患者病情有限,我只能服用一些药物来缓解这种情况。 朱振宇和他的团队也重视发扬我军宣传队的光荣传统。

扎西藏族牧民均为肺泡棘球co病患者。每当我看到这些患“线虫癌”的孩子时,朱振宇的这种不情愿也增强了他消除藏族同胞疾病的决心。军队中白人天使的无限恩典仍然留在白雪皑皑的高原上。即使还有一线希望,朱振宇拒绝放弃。提供手拉手的医疗协助,通过实际行动, 党中央,习近平主席的关心和热情已经传递到藏族同胞的心中。

In order to alleviate the suffering of water hy disease patients in Tibetan areas as soon as possible,Live a happy life,As early as 2015,The Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital has become a hospital for large-scale schistosomiasis control in Tibet.But such a commitment shows confidence in medical skills, Trust the team, Kindness to patients

No surgery is completely safe,Once the operation has complications or even fails,How to do it?that moment,Everyone remained silent for a few seconds,Zhu Zhenyu solemnly said: "I am in charge!"

last year,The story of a military doctor writing a letter of guarantee to patients circulating on the plateau,The owner justice is Zhu Zhenyu.The Tibetan compatriots have tears in their eyes,Yiyi bid farewell to Jin Zhu Mami.

In view of the high infection rate of traditional surgical methods,Defects with a high recurrence rate,Zhu Zhenyu and his on-site team are determined to innovate in liver surgery methods.Not only completed the first radical operation on cordyceps disease in Tibet, which is 3800 meters above sea level,It opened the first liver disease clinic in Dingqing County.All the way, missionaries all the way to popularize. Every time they leave, they will target a different group of people.July 2017,Zhu Zhenyu led the team to Nyima County, Nagqu, with an average height of 4,500 meters for screening.

The operation was a complete success,The hydrangea sac that destroyed Tammy was removed.They successively established the first hydrangea treatment center in the Second People's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

After understanding this situation, Zhu Zhenyu visited for more than half a month.Repeated the thought work of Tame's family.每当帮助工作结束时,当地医务人员和患者将始终自发地来自四英里八镇,我亲自在玩家的脖子上挂着一条明亮的白色哈达,以最庄重的当地方式欢迎医疗队回家。在2020年,个人获得“国家扶贫奖和创新奖”。

包虫病,在我国西藏被称为“昆虫癌”,青海等牧区的发病率高达10%。就生活习惯而言 食品卫生和环境改善, 还有很多用藏文和中文打印一些小册子和小卡片,让藏族同胞一目了然,您可以关注他们。为了解决容易感染的棘球虫病的技术问题, 囊肿壁薄且复发率高,朱振宇带领团队在6年内16次到达高原。这一事件对朱振宇产生了重大影响。

在2016年,肝胆外科专家刘振文,朱振宇对西藏4例肝炎葡萄球菌进行了手术。在昌都进行了首次结核病核酸测试; 不仅为定清县卫生局起草了《乙型肝炎阻断项目草案》和《乙型肝炎教育手册》,也到县里该村各级医师均进行了系统的培训。



自诊断和治疗开始以来的一年多时间里,他带领团队对99位患者进行了随机手术,成功率为100%。在过去几年对西藏的援助中,祝振宇和他的现场团队总结了许多手术技术,毫无保留地教当地医院的医生。 不要这样 只有死亡等待着扎西。

大多数绣球寄生虫生活在肝脏中,在手术过程中,重要血管旁通常不会发现少于一打或两打,简单地传播感染,危险特别大。那么需要在无阴影的光线下控制的是技能的“医疗禁区”。 到达西藏地区后, 您还应该使用工作间隙。给他们上一堂卫生和疾病预防课,深受当地人民的好评。经过长期研究,我检查了很多文献,总结了刘振文选择的手术方法, 肝胆外科专家 毕竟, 我选择了以“整体解剖技能”为中心的手术计划,它可以准确地除去疑似杂草虫的外囊。西藏自治区第二人民医院的医师一对一授课,它为当地的包虫病手术奠定了基础。实现“输血辅助”向“造血辅助”的过渡。去乡下的时候不要忘记在健康教育中做好工作。扶贫技能可以长期管理。

接管减轻贫困的指挥棒,朱振宇知道肩上的负担很重。 他认为他必须将治疗技能留给当地。他带领车队完成了7小时的高原生命接力赛,使用最新的技术来完成这个凌乱的肝脏中部切除术,成功救出患者。

为了救人 军事医生签署了一项帮助穷人和帮助心脏的承诺。展示腹腔镜盆腔葡萄胎切除术的手术技巧, 去除腹部包虫, 并清除肝包虫囊肿。

真诚地传达真相,真爱赢得真诚。申请购买抗病毒药,并在昌都成功进行了首次乙型肝炎病毒定量测试,大大降低了复发率。在了解驯服家庭的困难之后,朱振宇还自费提供了驯服的营养和生活费用。一个13岁的男孩叫永勇(Tongyong Tame)来到医疗队,说:“金竹麻美,我有手术”,然而, 遵守当地的宗教信仰和医疗标准,Tamei的家人起初不同意

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