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and so,Go out

1。g.The biggest advantage of this article is that you can use a variety of styles.In addition to the general description,You can also use fairy tales and fables. short story, Random preparation "Discovery" has a lot of twists and turns."Sunshine" beauty,"winter is very cold.Many students do not understand the word "discovery" at the time of review.


此时,I saw a sunshine in winter,On this small snail on the road to move forward.But they don't know how much I need my parents.

winter,It seems that it has always been a famous synonym.Everything is so cold and lack of warmth is too cold.There is no temperature like a ice hole

Take a photo,Virtual and real combination.From that, my role is shrinking,I am no longer playing with my classmates.Some students only write "Sunshine" and "Winter",This idea is not deep

Looking at the snail in front of me,Slowly see obstacles,Unlimited climbing. Here is the best works and cases selected for each school.Try to discuss with you -

[Statement of true problems]

If we can use the opposite words,For example, "fog",This concept will be more open.

Only the test of hell in order to create paradise's power. I didn't expect that I will hide in the warm shell.没有风格的限制,精彩的。


.请写“寻找一个冬天的阳光”话题。看着同学的父母将他们送到学校。我不知道我有多羡慕。然而, 有些学生尚未在整篇文章中提到搜索。




当我遇到困难时,为什么我总是嘲笑自己?你迷路了吗?这不是一个有价值的资产吗?甚至在冰的冰上, 会有呼吸苔藓,即使你伤心, 你必须失败, 永远不要说弱点。写作过程正在移动。那感觉,就像街道的角落被遗弃在寒冷的冬夜。那种失望和无助,虚弱的。 不要出现在包含个人信息的文本中。这是两个象征性的词。


什么,冬天的阳光,在这种寒冷的土地的力量下,你做什么工作?这只是一个小问题。 基本舒适。 此时, 我会无所畏惧。“你为什么这么做?你真的很脆弱

2. Composition (40 points)

My heart,Don't be afraid that I have seen the snail."Isn't it me?"I was surprised to find it.Slowly gently out of his tentacle from the shell.Yes it is,I found it,I am looking for this thing in this gloomy winter.But I don't want to give me a snail. I hate to hear them to show off their parents to buy clothes and toys.I found this power,The spiritual blood of the snail will always flow in my chest.

Comment: The indestructible spirit of snails becomes the sun in winter,Drive away the shadow of chaos, timid, And my inner failure.

In this winter,I seem to be surrounded by enthusiasm and courage.

What kind of snail spirit is this?!Never give up when you encounter difficulties,Even if you have the most enthusiastic person behind you, Do not hesitate,Have the most comfortable port. I don't know that failure is victory!.I seem to find something that I have never had before.

I have chased my mother's car.Later I know this is futile.The author is good at writing,Smartily think this is a rare masterpiece in the composition of the examination room.It knows your weaknesses,It knows the power of humanity,It knows that only keep moving to escape busy traffic,Destiny is suppressed by humanity.


Requirements: 1 The style is not limited,Not less than 600 words (e.写千言万语,它偏离数千英里。


at this time,冬天温暖, 温暖的阳光消除了寒冷。写下这个问题,通常, 它可以从以下几个方面进行切割:

它遇到障碍,像我这样的?它没有放弃,我没想到停止。我不想要它,因为我知道这是不可能的, 我只是想回到我的祖父母。那时他们70岁,我的父母说他们不能照顾我。所以我去了寄宿学校。 他们到底只提到了它。考试最初是自信和确定的。我输了,它似乎从天空落到深渊,考虑考试前的热烈讨论和骄傲,我只是想在地上钻一个洞。骨头的骨头已经吹了我,瘦身越来越摇晃,它比我心中的温度更冷。在这种组合中丢失点的主要原因是什么?

我似乎嘲笑自己, 我旨在旅行。看,寻找力量。除了本文的重点外,另一个困难是实现“发现”,你必须写一个进程,这可能是单词和行为的后续行动。您还必须有心理上的感知,表达你的好感。许多学生开始了紧急写作,但我并不完全理解这个主题。

此考试是完整问题的一部分。没有领导者要求求职者表达自己的想法,并根据需要选择样式。 这时蜗牛的坚不可能的精神使我动手。


3。 写诗,不错于16行); 写下真实的感受,地名, 学学名称, 个人名字, 还有更多。

- 岳城区绍兴市2013年学年第一学期末的八年作物


它爬行得得如此和无助,经常遇到一切障碍, 他缩进炮弹中

来源于:基因来源的反馈正数为30分。当然, 也可以是您擅长的。

我在凌日的阳光下,大步向前。命题中有两关关节:“冬天”和“阳光”。 寻找冬日的阳光

1。 我在小学二年度的时代我会起到三年份的时代开着我是我的姨。



也许每个人都很轻度轻度或重度。描述搜索程程。 只有了流血的手指才能能世界上最美丽的动作。 作者:刘俊文


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